NP KORE is glad to present India's green windows U-PVC windows and doors, manufactured at our state of art manufacturing unit.  NP KORE Housing Solutions are considered as Eco - Friendly windows for home usage. Each window goes through a stringent quality check to ensure a good quality final product being delivered to the customer. These windows are best suited for homes as they have beauty with quality.

Our Team  

Mr. Noel D. Kirupakaran
Managing Director
He is the Managing Director of NP KORE Housing Solutions, Bangalore. He is a “Bridge Builder” whose initial years of training with Modi Xerox has enabled him to successfully handle the present market. With over 20 years of experience in the field of Marketing, Events Management, Public Relations and Social Service, Mr. Noel Dawson is endowed with a spirit of human compassion, hard work, and courage. With a prolific desire to make the difference, NP KORE Housing Solutions is a testimony of his exceptional leadership skills and zeal for excellence.

Mr. Park Dong Ho
Technical Director
He is the Technical Director at NP KORE Housing Solutions, Bangalore. He is a native of Seoul, Korea with over 35 years of vast experience in the field of production and trading. While living in Korea, he owned a successful Interior Designing Business. However, in the year 2002, with a desire to share his expertise and to do business in the Indian market, he moved to Bangalore, India. A true animal lover, Mr. Park focuses on the elements of hard work, Never Give up attitude and punctuality, an asset to NP KORE Housing Solutions.


Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride a rigid, chemically resistant form of PVC used for pipework, window frames, and other structures. The property has many extra features such as private rear garden with a low maintenance exterior, gas fired central heating, uPVC double glazing windows throughout, etc.


As NP KORE shutter is not only inserting mohair in the single window but also forming a certain large loop on each sides of upper part of loop,and has a perfect soundproof structure by forming protrusion between inner part of double window and exterior window. This is chassis technology of the greatest in the world which is proud of soundproof, showing 1.5 times more than general PVC duel shutter

Thermal Insulation 

As NP KORE shutter is composed of innovative design which broke down the existing chassis structure by ensuring the highest thermal insulation, making the best feeling on the sliding window culture. Also, this shutter can lessen heat loss to 1/4 compare with general chassis.

Prevention of distortion   

As NP KORE shutter is superior in strength by using high-reinforced steel, there is not distortion and also safety is excellent by piling deeply with color rail.

Easy installation and thorough A/S    

NP KORE shutter makes fabrication to be done quickly by innovative composing parts and typical technology, and beauty of connection part and appearance feature are excellent. Also, we will give the best satisfaction to the customers through A/S of the head office and branches. 

Air-tightness and opening and shutting strength  

As NP KORE shutter is made of multi-interception structure forming loop line at both sides of rail, and achieves extreme value of air-tightening, and further keeps developed performance of 25% by connecting with the upper part of rail.

Water-tightness and prevention of condensation   

As NP KORE shutter raised inner water-seal hump to the level of rail to both single and double window, and removed the overflow by osmotic pressure phenomenon by using mohair. So, thermal insulation is excellent by water-seal structure and minimizes the condensation from inner-outer temperature difference because of low heat-conductivity.

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